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#33 You Are Never Too Small to Change Anything with Dr Jess Wade

September 18, 2019

Welcome to season 4 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast. In this season, I am breaking things down more specifically and featuring guests who are giving you practical techniques and tools to live a more meaningful life. My aim is to bring a very practical dimension to our conversation around the 3 Ms (meaning, Money and Movement) and decrypt the science of achieving happiness in life.

Some people read a book, enjoy it and hopefully take some notes to improve their business or their life. Most people simply forget what they’ve read after a while. But a few are so impacted by what they’ve read that they decide to stand up and do something to change their life. This was the case with Dr Jess Wade, a physicist at Imperial College London turned into a prolific Wikipedia editor. Her life has changed over the last few years thanks to the book ‘Inferior’ by Angela Saini.

“For a long time, I felt I was too small and insignificant to do anything that was impactful,” she says.

Jess is now called a ‘one-woman powerhouse’! She is a scientist on a mission. She wants every woman who has achieved something impressive in science to get the prominence and recognition they deserve – starting with a Wikipedia entry.

Listen to my fascinating conversation with Dr Jess Wade to find out:

  • How she struggled with maths before ending up being a top scientist
  • What a day in her life looks like
  • How to become a Wikipedia editor
  • What to do about the lack of support that affect the confidence of women to pick science subjects
  • How she combats the impostor syndrome to reach higher goals
  • How to build the case to get powerful people in the conversation to support diversity

And much more...

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