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#35 The Law of Intention Experience with Naomi Sesay

October 1, 2019

“I don't believe anyone on this earth hasn't got a purpose. It’s just that we haven't revealed it to ourselves.” Naomi Sesay

Today, I have the great pleasure of discussing with my friend Naomi Sesay who was a guest in the season 1, episode 5. Naomi Sesay is a global speaker, former TV producer, serial entrepreneur, and currently Head of Diversity at Channel 4, one of the major British television broadcasters.

I’ve known Naomi since 2007 when I attended her workshop called the Law of intention Experience (LOI) based on quantum science. She had interviewed some of the top quantum physics experts, produced the film What the Bleep do We Know and wrote a book called the ‘Human upgrade’.

I have asked Naomi to share more about the LOI and how we can tap into it to do meaningful work and live a meaningful life.

In our fascinating conversation, Naomi talks about:

  • How to manifest our future
  • Why we experience the results and outcomes that are happening in our lives
  • The strong impact of her mum as matriarchal figure in her life
  • How to start experiencing the Law of Intention and tap into our purpose and our consciousness
  • The power of human energy field and implication to live a meaningful life
  • Mindset & Synchronicity
  • Financial freedom
  • And much more

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